Tri-Cities Community Resources


As the final hours tick down before Friday opening ceremonies for Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the other events and groups in Tri-Cities covering the areas of design, development, and entrepreneurship.

Startup Weekend’s global sponsors offer some great resources for entrepreneurs, but joining local groups and attending local events is how we’ll grow beyond this one weekend of action.

Local Events

Smartmap Expo – September 25th & 26th (Just Next Week!) – A two-day event at the TRAC in Pasco focused on local manufacturing companies and innovation.

Entrepreneur University – October 18th – A one-day entrepreneur event in Seattle focused on teams considered application to Startup Accelerators programs.

Lunch with Richard Tait @ Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce – November 19th – The inventor of the “Cranium” board game will be speaking at the Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce luncheon as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

TriConf – The annual Tri-Cities unconference on technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

Local Groups

Young Professionals of Tri-Cities – A local group dedicated to connecting and engaging local young professionals.

Home-grown technical and creative interest groups coordinating through the website Meetup.Com to meet in the real-world:

Room to Think – A “coworking” group. A community of freelancers, telecommuters, and tinkerers who share space and encouragement.

DocType Society – Web designers and developers sharing how to make the web more beautiful and functional.

The Collaborative – A group focused on graphic designers and the creative process, though conversation and community.

Mobile Makers Tri-Cities – Developers & designers of websites or application for mobile devices, ready to “Think Big and Build Small”.

Tri-Cities JavaScript – Developers using the JavaScript language, who knows it’s better to Join(); than Split();

WordPress Tri-Cities – Users, administrators, and developers working with WordPress.

Online Resources

WeCreate: Tri-Cities – A community-edited guide to the awesome and creative and technology community in Tri-Cities, WA.

Tri-Cities Business Builder – A collection of online resources for building a business in Tri-Cities.

PNNL Economic Development Office Entrepreneur Support Catalog – An online database helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities find support to prosper and grow.

Courses & Classes

Business Development University – An ongoing seminar series by the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce