Tri-Cities Startup Weekend


As Americans, we’ve spent the last five years hearing about how “traditional work” and “easy paths” are gone from the economy. The path ahead is jagged at best and only uphill. Instead of mourning the dreams of last century, we must instead find every opportunity to practice the skills of our time: making things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Far more importantly, we must find those others who are searching for purchase in the foothills of this treacherous climb.

Tri-Cities Startup Weekend is your chance to find others with the strength and smarts to summit the mountain with you. On September 20th, sixty people will converge on the WSU Tri-Cities campus. Those who have an idea to share will pitch their them to a room full of fellow developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Teams will form and they’ll have until Sunday evening to find their audience, prototype their product, and get advice from expert mentors. Before the weekend is over, each team will have one final presentation and one team will be chosen to receive a gift from the community: prizes aimed to nurture their work and help build it into a real business.

No single moment in your life can ever really change it, no more than a single rain could make the Columbia. It takes a tall mountain and biting cold to nurture a glacier, but only one sunny day to melt it into a river. Startup Weekend is designed to turn that bound snow into a flood, washing over the shallow resistance of excuses like “can’t find the right people”, “not enough time”, or worst of all “what if I fail”. Everyone who comes will be inspired by the other Tri-Citizens struggling to unlock their potential, learn a new skill, or perhaps find a co-founder for another business venture.

Tickets are $75, $50 for students. Register online at EventBrite. That pays for (some of) the 7 meals and snacks over the weekend, to keep you focused on your work and gives you a chance to turn your time into ascent up that misty mountain. You may end the weekend far from the peak of your entrepreneurial Everest, but I can guarantee you’ll have learned the first lesson the Tri-Cities must master: It can happen here, it can happen now, and you can make it happen.